My name is daje

profound beauty is found at the very heart of tension. i make it my work to seek it out and expose it.

Cosmic Profile: 2/4 Solar Plexus Projector | Gemini Sun / Aquarius Moon / Libra Rising | 7w8 | INFP

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I’m an artist, entrepreneur, and brand strategist who is wholly obsessed with helping creatives get their stories out in the most self-kind ways possible.  I have spent the last eight years diving headfirst into the world of social media, digital marketing, and branding; and the last six years serving creative communities in the roles of  Creative Director, Marketing Director, and Brand Strategist. My work as a storyteller has lead me into the classrooms of vibrant young people as well as into the learning spaces of men’s penitentiaries. I’ve shared in coffee shops, museums, and stages. I’ve worked with healers, activists, circus artists, theatre professionals, visual artists, and poets to help them speak wildly specific truths to their communities and inspire wonder in the online space.

I believe my heart is wired to expose beauty in all of its messy and articulate forms by creating spaces for creatives to breathe in their processes. I believe I am wired for shamelessness and I believe that you are, too.